Thursday, June 3, 2010

More on the alphabet

No fashion forward Friday for you today. I know how disappointed you all are. I am too. But I'm a little under the weather and need some rest. Plus, I have so few pictures that I'll run out of material in a few weeks if I keep up this pace. And I really enjoy dragging things out, like this explanation for not having a fashion forward photo for you today.

So instead, I will show you the last of the alphabet pictures. Because they make me happy.

Puppies! Love sick puppies. So cute it's sickening. Or maybe that's the raging virus in my bloodstream. Ha.

The quail you already saw because I could resist bragging about my ability to draw.

Silly wabbit. Carrots are for cakes.

Anytime a seal wears a turtleneck I am more than pleased.

Happy extinct animals make me happy.

Mythical creatures with purple hair also make me happy.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find an animal that starts with V? It's hard. Trust me. TRUST me.

And seriously, what's better than rugby playing wombats? I don't know that there really is anything. At. All.

X is another one of those letters that nothing starts with. And this is a drawing that really looks nothing like an actual x-ray fish. But, you know, whatevs.

Yaks are ugly creatures, but, it's the only animal I could find a somewhat cute illustration of that starts with the letter Y.

A zebra who is unsure of something, or perhaps is asking himself, "What are these people doing and why do I have a checkered tail?"


  1. Impressed with your ability to come up with animals for the hard letters :) Cute cute.

  2. Silly Zebra... your tail matches your nose... a very important fashion forward friday idea if I do say so myself... leave it to Gordita to slip that in even with a raging virus. hope you feel better soon... and as always LOVE the alphabet art... (okay enough of the elipses...)


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