Friday, June 25, 2010

Fashion Forward Friday


You're probably thinking: what are zeez sings called alpargatas.

Well, thees is what dey are:

They are also called espadrilles, but in our house they are always called alpargatas.

You may be familiar with this style because of Toms Shoes.
Cute, yes, but an imitation of an age old classic. An exact replica in which Dear Tom doesn't even attempt to give credit where credit is due*. He doesn't even call them alpargatas, or really espadrilles! The horror, right?

You see, Argentines have been wearing alpargatas for ages. AGES! And so have other cultures, but I prefer to give credit to the Argentines.
A modern Argentine (SIL2) wearing alpargatas. She moonlights as a horse whisperer.

They are an Argentine staple. And I was introduced by my in-laws many years ago.

Me and the in-laws. See me, in the black sweater and black skirt and burgundy alpargatas? This was all the way back in 2007! In all honesty I've been wearing them since 2000, but have no photographic proof of such.

And here I am again in turquoise alpargatas.

Thanks to Toms and other companies, the alpargata, or espadrille, has become more popular in the United States with even celebrities showing their love for alpargatas/espadrilles/Toms.

* In all honesty the Toms Shoe mission is noble and honest. But this is not meant as an advertisement, rather as an information item for your consideration. There are other sources of this style of shoe, one directly from Argentina at La Querencia, however I have never shopped at this place and do not endorse it. In fact, I would suggest exercising caution when doing business online with any foreign company. That caveat aside, love the alpargata! Do it! I dare you not to.

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  1. So where do you buy your lovies? They are adorable!


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