Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shoe News, New Shoes

So since I last posted about shoes, I have cut down a lot on my usage of uncomfortable shoes. But I've discovered a few things, like if you wear shoes in your size they don't hurt as bad, and if you have wide feet look for shoes that have ample room in the toe box your toes don't deform when wearing them. It's amazing how getting shoes that fit your foot help. The good news is that my shoe collection is still getting use, though I have had to cut out the use of a few pairs entirely. The bad news is that I have not yet lifted the self-inflicted shoe buying moratorium.

Except for the lovelies you see above. 

This is exactly how it went down, and in no way is embellished or exaggerated. Names have NOT been changed to protect the innocent because I'm the only innocent one in this story, and you already know it's about me. 

TC and I were browsing at the Nordstrom Rack, I with no intention of purchasing anything, especially shoes, TC with every intention of thwarting my efforts at thrift. TC evilly pointed out every evilly adorable shoe he saw, while I innocently and fervently tried to ward off his evilly evil advances. TC saw these Naughty Monkeys and pulled them off the shelf. 

I gasped at the sight of their snake skin leather. I fawned over the chains on the toe of the shoe.  How could I resist them? I could hardly. But I persisted in resisting. Until the other shoes on the rack began to taunt me, "Nah nah nah nah nah naaaahhhh. You can't resist us." 

Alas, the shoes in my brief hallucination were correct; all attempts at resistance were futile. And with the husband jeering and doing all things that might make it impossible for me to forbear (like saying, "These are kind of cute. You should try them on."), I caved and tried them on. 

And once they were on, it was like a choir of angelfish was singing and I could do nothing but walk directly to the back counter (to get the mate of course), then walk directly to the front counter (to pay of course), and walk directly to the car, then realize that I left my husband inside the store. 

So you can clearly see that all this purchasing happened against my will, can you not?

Against my free will or no, these shoes are surprisingly comfy. I wouldn't run a marathon in them (but then again I probably wouldn't run a marathon in any shoes, at all, ever), but they are good for a few hours at a time. And, most importantly, they are adorable and make me squeal like a little schoolgirl every time I see them.

Update: TC has been forgiven for his evil-doing. For now.


  1. I love when angelfish sing.

    And you're right, you couldn't pass on those shoes. Great find!


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