Monday, June 28, 2010

New Menu.

Remember back in late December/early January when I had high hopes and grand dreams? Remember when I planned a dinner menu each week and actually shopped for and prepared the meals that were listed on the menu? Remember when I stopped in April due to sheer laziness? Remember how TC and I have been subsisting on strawberry banana smoothies and grilled cheese sandwiches?

Yeah. Those were good times. 

In order to curb my laziness I decided that I would make a new dinner menu and begin planning meals again. Summer is such a glorious time for fruits and vegetable. I must, MUST take advantage of this. 

So here is my newest menu:

And, here it is for download.

This week's menu includes cantaloupe, nectarines, chicken, potato salad, and steak. I make no promises, but I will try ever so hard to keep you all apprised of how it goes this week.

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  1. When was the last time you had a sloppy joe? We had sloppy joes and watermelon tonight and I LOVED it. I wanted to eat three but stopped at one and can't wait for leftovers tomorrow night. Just an idea. Oh, and thanks to your email and inspiration, I made my hubby a lunch today to take to work. I have never done that (shameful, I know) but it felt good and he was ecstatic.


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