Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Completed Vogue 8603

Hey, guess what? I totally finished something. I made a skirt, from Vogue 8603, view C (minus the buttons and a little bit longer, which by closer inspection is actually view F).

I mentioned this skirt a while back (and I mean a long while back, like in March). I had this idea for a skirt made from upholstery fabric. I wanted it to look kind of like I'm wearing a couch, but a chic couch.

So I cut out the skirt in March (The black one in the bottom right corner, but for some reason I thought I was cutting the green one with the buttons. I was clearly confused, but really the only difference is length, which explains why my finished skirt has such a fat hem.), and just now finished it. Yeah, I've been slacking in the sewing department. But, the good news is that it is done. And I like how it turned out.

What I love most about it is the texture in the fabric.

I mean wow. So bumpy, so interesting.

The seaming all over the skirt makes it so fitted, but comfortable.

I am really impressed with how this skirt fits without any extra effort on my part. I just cut it in my regular size 12, sewed it up and voila! It fit, and I believe it flatters as well. Amazing.

Here's a picture that shows my window and balcony in perfect focus. I know you were dying for a photo like that.

Here's the back of the skirt. I should have made the vent a bit longer because of the length of the skirt, and the fact that it's pretty narrow at the hem. But hey, whatever. I like taking baby steps.

So my take on the pattern? It's a great pattern. It is easy to sew, the instructions are clear, and the pattern is well drafted in that everything fits together very well. This may become my go-to pencil skirt pattern from now on.


  1. Kristina! It's beautiful! GREAT JOB! I love that you can make such amazing clothes!


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