Monday, July 19, 2010

Farmer's Market

TC and I had a fantastic Saturday, and it all started with a trip to the Farmer's Market.

So every summer that we've lived here, we have said, "Hey, we should go to the Farmer's Market, because it's cool, and we want to be cool." The problem is that we do our chores on Saturday morning, and often dilly dally so long that by the time we are finished we have missed the market. Sad, I know.

To remedy this, we did our chores on Friday evening after work. So when we woke up on Saturday morning we got ready for the day, made fruit smoothies for the road, and hit the pavement.

The crowds on the less crowded side of the market.

It was hot, oh so hot, especially for 10am. Honestly, I was a bit miserable. It was too hot, too sweaty, too crowded, too many dogs. Yeah, there were a lot of dogs at the Farmer's Market. Are they going to buy produce? I think not. So why are they walking around sniffing at every booth and getting in my way with their leashes and fur?

Anyway, we walked around and looked at each booth, I got grumpy, TC was patient with me and let me take all the photos I wanted no matter how conspicuous I was, and then we found this...

An almond croissant dusted with powdered sugar, filled with an almond custard. Oh my yum. I could not be grumpy after biting into this.

And then I got this. And all was right with the world. Water on a hot day = refreshment and anti-grumpness!

And then a cloud cover blew in, and the air cooled down just a bit, and all the elements were combined to make this an enjoyable experience. And that's when I noticed the trees.

Pioneer Park has lovely trees. And the obsessing commenced.

And the conspicuous, taking pictures of tree bark began.

So lovely.

And then we found this booth.

And we bought an empanada, but not before I made TC pose for a photo.

See what I did there? Get it? Argentina's Best? See because TC is posing in front of the sign that says "Argentina's best," and he's from Argentina. So he's the best. Get it? 

And here's the money-maker: a meat empanada. It was very delicious.

After we walked around a few times, were sure we saw everything and had spent all our cash, we walked over to the Gateway to catch an early movie. It was a wonderful day!

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  1. Our local Farmer's Market isn't quite as big as SLC's... to say the least. But I still enjoy going every year. And that powdered sugar dusted confection looked really good...


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