Friday, July 9, 2010

Blossoms of Snow

Lookie here friends! My gardenia bloomed finally. Remember how last year I was so anxious for it to bloom, and then when it finally did I had a cold and couldn't smell the lovely flowers, but then my cold cleared up and I wrote a sonnet? Yeah. So the blooming happened in May last year. And this year, Gardenia took until July to show her first beautiful, fragrant little flower. Now, you didn't imagine that I would not obsess and take a hundred photos of the lonely bloom, did you?

Because I obsess! And I have been outside several times just to smell the flower. And I keep going outside to check the status of other potential blooms.

Obsessing is what I do. And I do it well.

I'm nothing if not obsessive. But seriously, look at how beautiful and impressive that flower is. It contrasts so well against the green of the leaves. And let me tell you, it smells heavenly.

Take an even closer look. It's even more impressive closer up. The bloom overwhelms the plant with its beauty.

And look in the background. More potentials! Ahh. The perfume. The lovely soft petals...

Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit about the lone flower. Maybe my plant is a bit scraggly. And maybe I only remember to water it every once in a while. And maybe I've allowed it to be exposed to the harsh elements of this Utah's spring. Maybe.

But still, la Plantita Adorada thanked me with a flower. All for me.


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