Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Ensenada Top

Remember I told you about the embroidered top I bought in Ensenada during our cruise? Well, instead of ripping the seams out and resewing, I've been carelessly wearing the top. Sheer laziness is all that's keeping me from fixing it.

Ah well, I'm too lazy to care.

Well here I am at the Farmer's Market on Saturday in the top. So the outfit looked much cuter when I was looking in the mirror at home. Since the top is so baggy, I belt it. Otherwise I look like I'm making an announcement I'm not ready (only because it would be a lie) to make. My skirt is a stretch denim pencil skirt I made a way long time ago (like before I started blogging about my sewing projects). The skirt is pretty much a summer staple.

Here's a closer up of the embroidery. It's lovely, isn't it?

Now I do realize that it's not really cool in blog-land to actually smile for photos. I should be pouting adorably, or looking off into the distance pensively. But what can I say, smiling in photos is my style. Besides, me not smiling = people thinking I'm massively angry.

So, there are my non-cool photos of the embroidered top from Ensenada.


  1. Super cute. And the belt goes so perfectly. You're such a fashionista. I should fly you out here to make me a new wardrobe:).

  2. Love it. The weird pouty face is just not my schtick. Besides you have a terrific smile.

  3. Smile! Smile lots!

    I really like the top.


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