Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Parade Week Continues with Clowns and Characters

So today I have for you clowns and other characters for your enjoyment.

Clown 1 rode a unicycle.

And juggled.

Clown 2 rode a motorized cart.

And called himself Bobber the Clown.

Clown 3 rode an uber tall bicycle (and helmet; safety first).

Clown 4 rode a tricycle (no photo of it) and loves tips.

Clown 5 rode a scooter and was a patriotic type.

Clown 6 was, well, a clown.

And this clown really needs no introduction as famous as he is.

And then there was a mime, which actually did no miming, but walked around the parade greeting people. Maybe he was miming cordiality?

Now we move on to characters.

The Dude with the Parrot. He's at the parade every year. 

He kind of reminds me of Coach Red Beaulieu.

The Real Salt Lake Lion. He rocks!


The UVU Wolverine. He rides a scooter. Sweet.

High five man!

And then there's the Salt Lake Community College bear. He may not look like much, but kitty cat can DANCE!

He's shaking his tail for the crowd.

Work it bear!

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