Monday, July 12, 2010

When Pink Rectangles Just Don't Cut It

I have for you today, erasers. In fact, I have the coolest erasers ever. So cool, in fact, that I will probably never use these as erasers. In fact, I will probably just pull them out every once in a while to admire them and love them and smile at them. You'll see why.

Exhibit A

You may be wondering out loud (unless you don't talk to yourself like I do): what is this? Well check this out.

It's a drink. A drink that encourages you to enjoy the super flavor. I debated whether to take remove the wrapping, and I hemmed and hawed, until finally I told myself to get over it. And I'm glad I did because opening the package up allowed me to see the details more clearly.

If I hadn't opened it, I never would have seen the pop top on the soda can. How cute is that?

And the caterpillar on the the side. Adorable. I just need to learn to read Japanese so I can tell you all what that says.

Now would be a good time to mention that I've always, somewhere in my heart, felt I should have been Japanese.

Exhibit B

Now that we've explored the world of drink shaped erasers, maybe you are hungry. Try this.

What is it? Take a closer look.

Here's a hint.

It's sushi. And it's so cute I can hardly stand it.

Exhibit C

It's the fuzz.

The Police.

The eraser has wheels! Real working wheels.

And a little license plate.

But check out those wheels.

I'll bet my eraser is faster than yours.

And now that I've made you jealous with my amazing erasers, I'm going to share the secret. You too have your very own. I know you must be jumping up and down at the idea right now. Your very own police car eraser? Your very own soda can? But wait, there's more. I mean literally. There are tons of other designs for you to ogle and desire. Check out the official online store for Iwako, the makers of these gems. I spent a good thirty minutes checking out all of the designs and wishing that I had a need for hamster and panda erasers. One other place to check out is Hapa Culture. They sell erasers, stickers, origami kits and more.

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