Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Parade Geek presents Parade Week

Saturday was the parade, THE parade, the amazingly entertaining Days of 47 parade. And just so I can extend the joy I experienced on Saturday morning, I'm going to draw this out for you all week.

Today, I present to you some of Utah's celebrities.

Governor Gary Herbert.

Lt. Governor Greg Bell.

Salt Lake County Sheriff James Winder (who I think looks a lot like actor Ed O'Neill).

Salt Lake City Chief of Police Chris Burbank.

Senator Bob Bennett.

Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Coroon.

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker.

The KSL 5 News Team.

But now, here's the real money-maker. The crowd goes wild when they see...

none other than...

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

And where there's a member of the First Presidency, there's faithful Church Security.

Scoping out the crowd.


  1. Well, you've got to love Elder Uchtdorf.

  2. How great! I had no idea Uchtdorf was part of the parade!

  3. Well he is pretty dang awesome!


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