Friday, January 8, 2010

Adios Nonino

I'm listening to my Astor Piazzolla station on Pandora and I'm having a religious experience with this song, Adios Nonino. So I wanted to share it with my faithful readers (all six of you beloved readers). When you have 8 minutes to sit and listen take a seat and see if you don't feel moved. If you don't have 8 minutes, then at least listen up to the 2:30 minute mark, when Astor himself makes his appearance. It's beyond amazing.

(Oh and I promise it's not like when I posted Lou Rawls. Lou Rawls does excite me, but not like this. This is serious business. Serious musical business. This music is what dramatic scenes in our lives should be made of.)

I've got to take a deep breath after that one! Enjoy my friends and have a wonderful weekend. For reals. I'm not just saying that. I am thinking of each one of you and imagining you having wonderful weekends. So do it. Or I will be disappointed. Seriously.

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