Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A cat named Mandu, and Sloppy Joes

I'll get to the sloppy joes first because I like to talk about food. We had sloppy joes last night and they were pretty good. I loosely based my joes on a recipe from Cooking Light. No photos because I've never seen a joe that was photogenic.

This has been our dinner menu for the last few nights:
Friday: Cafe Rio (tradition)
Saturday: take out pizza
Sunday: Bowl of popcorn (me), glass of chocolate milk (TC)
Monday: Little Caesar's

Less than stellar. So TC and I hopped back on the wagon and got back to cooking every night (except for Friday nights, which are Rio nights).

Apparently the home cooking did me some good because I went from having a migraine and feeling horribly subdued to punchy within a few hours. So that's when TC and I started making up clever names for potential pets. Here are some of them so you can laugh with/at us, or shrug your shoulders indifferently. Your choice.
  • Cat: Mandu
  • Cat: Atonic
  • Cat: Aclysmic
  • Dog: Maddock (get it dogmatic?)
  • Horse: Radish
  • Hamster: Pork Chop
  • Frog: Anthony Hopkins
  • Bird: Brain
  • Ferret: Ferret Fawcett
This makes me want to have pets so I can name them.

Update: apparently some wise guy actually named his cat Cat Mandu. I guess we're not as original as we thought.


  1. We've been thinking seriously about trying to talk our landlord into letting us get a cat. I really want a furry cuddly thing around and Mike's working Sundance. (ha!)

  2. HA HA HAHAhaha...

    Really, I have nothing to add to the hilarity of what I just read.

    thanks for the laughs...

    and work on getting that best-named zoo of yours. :)


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