Thursday, January 28, 2010

She kind of enjoyed working for an idiot.

Just try to tell me that's not funny. Go ahead. Try.

This magnet was a gift from Amber, a coworker of TC's. She had heard some stories of my every day life, saw this, and thought it would make me smile. And oh my goodness it did. And it still does every time I pass by the fridge I have to stop and read this magnet.

On a different note, our house smells. Bad. It smells like food. I hate it when my house smells like food, unless it's bread or cookies. Gross. My hair smells like food. This has never really been a problem because I haven't really ever cooked this much. So, do any of you dear readers have any tips for de-stinkifying your home? I've tried candles (maybe they aren't the right kind of candles?), air freshener (Glade), running the stove hood fan at full blast while I'm cooking, putting baking soda down on the carpet before vacuuming, being vigilante about taking the garbage out, but still when we come home from work it stinks. Like last night's dinner. Help!


  1. Oh I heart the magnet. So great when inanimate objects are full of such great wisdom.

  2. when my house smells like food, it's usually when I open the fridge.. so I either clean out the fridge or make sure I put leftovers in a secure container. or make sure the oven/stove is clean from any spills.
    do that and open all your windows and balcony door to let your place air out.
    Scentsy warmers are pretty great. Let me know if you want to know more about them. I know a few people that sell them. good luck.

  3. Baking soda in the fridge and freezer helps a lot. The thing that helps the most, I find, is less practical this time of year, which is to open all the windows and let lots of air circulate through the whole place.

  4. Thanks for the tips Verusca and Shannon. Fridge and freezer are odorless (thank goodness for baking soda), stove top and counters are wiped down and disinfected. After having read your tips, I've determined that my real problem is a lack of new air. Such a common sense idea, but I needed my friends to tell me that. Everything is shut up in the house. I suppose I just need to man up and open a window.

    Also, I bought a Glade candle, and that has helped a lot.

  5. When our house gets smelly we turn on the heater or A/C, depending on the season, and spray Febreze or Renuzit at the air intake filter in our living room. It does a great job of distributing the freshener, and both of those products are pretty good at fighting the smell. My only problem is that I can't do it when I'm pregnant because the smell of products like that brings back first trimester memories that I'm just not ready to face.


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