Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What I ate: Italian-Style Meat Loaf

Last night we had for dinner Italian-Style Meat Loaf and butternut squash mashed potatoes. Since the recipe can be found online, I won't share the ingredients or instructions. Also I didn't take any photos (maybe someday I will) since my little loaf actually didn't look all that appetizing. But I will tell you this: it was delicious. Especially after having to let it cook for 70 minutes and feeling famished, and getting that I'm-too-hungry-for-my-own-good nausea. I recommend it. And so does TC, who asked me to put this on my meal rotation plan.

This is myrecipe.com's photo, and it is lovely. My loaf did not look so lovely.

The butternut squash mashed potatoes are made like so: peel and chop potatoes and butternut squash (I like equal parts, but if you like your potatoes more potato-y, make your ratio lean toward the potato side. It's probably not a good idea to put more squash than potato though. I think it might turn out a bit runny that way.), put in boiling water until both are soft, mash, add salt to taste. You can add butter, but the squash adds quite a bit of creaminess, so butter is really superfluous in this recipe. I decided that since squash is most decidedly a vegetable, we did not need any veggies on the side.

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