Wednesday, January 27, 2010

High Five!

This is my cute nephew Carter with his dad. Carter is smart, funny, bossy, handsome, thoughtful, loves legos, loves Clone wars, and admires his dad immensely. He's seven years old.

Last week Carter was watching TV with his dad. After seeing some of what has happened in Haiti he decided that he wanted to raise money to send to the people there to help. He came up with a plan, all on his own, to sell fruit ($1 a piece for apples and bananas) around his neighborhood and send the proceeds to Haiti via the American Red Cross. So, my sister and her husband offered to match any money he made selling fruit. And after some research they found out that my sister's employer would match any donations made to the American Red Cross. So each dollar Carter earns selling fruit turns into 4 (provided he doesn't break his parents' bank first).

So far he's had a lot of success. In his words, "They all (the neighbors) thought it was so cute that they gave me more money. And some of them didn't even take any fruit."

Well, he's been nominated for a KSL High 5. And they are featuring him on KSL 5 morning news on Friday morning at 6:30 am. I am so proud of him, that I just had to brag. But really, I'm not bragging because I have nothing to do with his sense of philanthropy. So props to Carter.


  1. Very sweet of him. How much is he up to?

  2. Last I heard it was somewhere around $70.

  3. What a sweet kid! I will watch for him on the news Friday morning!

  4. You are sweet to post this. He is now up to $123. He and mom are going out again Thursday afternoon to the neighbors that he and I missed.

  5. does carter live in layton??? i taught him in primary for his whole ctr 7 yr. small world!!!! i miss that kid. quiet, but smart.


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