Friday, January 29, 2010

High five live feed

Apparently the High 5 will be played next week. Problems with the live feed?

I could tell you about the sweet and sour chicken fried rice I prepared last night, but I'm tired of talking about food. Abra caBLABra, am I right?

So here are the shoes of the week:

They are Guess GWChief. TC found them for me when we were shopping around in Honolulu in December. I wore them to our fancy anniversary dinner there. I decided I wanted to feel fancy today, so I wore them.

This week at work has been long and full of manual labor and running around and sweating in a skirt and stockings. Unpleasant. Because of the manual labor I've only worn clothes that are easily washable (that means my boring old stand-in black skirts and knit tops for easy movement), I've been wearing comfortable shoes (flats usually) so I can run around as needed, and my hair has been pulled back to get it out of my face. My wardrobe has been practical. Blah. Today things have calmed down. So I'm taking a break from the utility-wear and I dressed up in completely impractical shoes and a dress that is equally impractial. Wee!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Looooove the shoes! I need some of those.

  2. Love the shoes. I wouldn't make it through 1/2 a day at school in those, though. HOWEVER, on my last trip to DSW my motto was WWKB, aka, What Would Kristina Buy? I think I did well.

  3. Thanks for the compliments on the shoes. Dalene: I need pictures! I want to see what you bought. I live vicariously strikingly well.

  4. I love these shoes.. Omg.. Love all of ur shoes.. But these are fantastic


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