Monday, February 1, 2010

Plotting and Scheming

I've been reading blogs like this one, and this one, and have felt inspired by their loveliness and ability to complete projects, and sewing ability. It makes me want to create and make and be lovely like these ladies, so I planned some sewing projects.

First off, I actually finished something over the weekend:

This dress, Vogue 8028 in a navy cotton sateen. I bought the fabric in September when had a lot of great fabric on sale for $1.95/yard. The fabric is soft and warm and hangs well. It's a dream. I'll have the Huz take photos of the dress tonight and post them.

Next up are these little doosies:

Vogue 8593 in a red sueded stretch knit that is on it's way and should arrive today (I love packages).

McCall's 5323 view B (the pink ruffly one) in a hot pink stretch cotton. I have loved this top from the moment I saw it. I'm so excited to sew it up. I'm hoping to start and finish this one this week.

Simplicity 9825 View F (A line, knee length) in a black and cream houndstooth wool with black lining.

So here's my pledge to you (and me):
  1. I will finish these projects.
  2. I will follow up with pictures.
  3. I will not weenie out of this.
I have some more advanced and involved projects coming up, like this one, this one, and this one, but I need to build up my confidence before I delve into those.

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  1. way to go! i keep telling myself i'll do the same (meaning i would love to sew and build stuff too)... as soon as my house is organized, or as soon as my "craft room" (a.k.a. small area for storage) is organized, or as soon as my kids are all grown... so yeah, you'll definitely beat me. but maybe once i start seeing your progress i'll just decide to do it to.


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