Friday, February 5, 2010

States of the Union

The other evening when it was late and TC and I were both procrastinating falling asleep we got silly. We came up with stupid state jokes. Like these:

Which state has the most carbonated drinks per capita?
Minne SODA. *groan*

Which state has the most toilets per capita?
Loo isiana

Which state has the most people with small bladders?
Wizz consin. (so several of our jokes have to do with going to the bathroom)

Which state has the most married women?
Mrs. Sippi

Which state has the highest debt to income ratio?
I owe a

Which state has the most inquisitive people?
Al ASK a.

Other inquisitive states:
WHY oming and Ha WHY ii

Lame jokes, right? But if you're in the right kind of mood (punchy) these can make a person crack up. At least it makes me crack up.

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