Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Rotten Tomato and Strange Dreams

As I was preparing my lunch this morning, I noticed a rotten tomato in my little bunch of tomatoes. So I decided to pull it out by pulling on the stem, from a shelf that's just about eye level. The tomato came crashing five feet from that shelf to the floor, hitting the counter on the way down, splattering rotten tomato everywhere. It got on the stove, on the counter, on the cabinet doors, on my skirt and sweater, and all over the floor. *sigh* I wiped it off my skirt and sweater, cleaned the kitchen mess up, finished getting ready and made my way to work.

Then I got to work, took off my coat, looked down and saw this:

Can you see the splatters on the left side?

Here's a close up:

*double sigh*

Good news is that after some scrubbing I was able to get all the tomato junk off. Bad news is that I now have paper towel smears and a wet skirt.

Also, I had really strange dreams last night. Like about a talking cougar. This kind of cougar:

Not this kind:

He told me how he got tired of eating small animals, like house cats. But that he felt bad about eating humans, especially me. And I was grateful that he was so merciful.

Today should be interesting.


  1. LOL. (At the cougar dream, not the tomato incident. I hate having a mess - on or off of me.)

  2. So BYU is sorry about eating people? Because I can kind of see that.


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