Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's not easy being green.

I finally decided to post photos of projects I completed last year (October-ish?).

The first is a skirt, Simplicity 2656.

I made view A out of a heavy weight stretch twill in army green. I wasn't expecting the fabric to be SO army green when I ordered it online, but *shrug* oh well.

Here's what I look like when I'm being pensive.

The second is a dress, Vogue 1025, Anne Klein pattern. I made it in a green linen blend with a black lining. Here's the line drawing:

And here's me in the dress:

At any rate, I wear this dress with a sweater over it to solve any peek issues that may occur around the sleeve area.

Here's what it looks like on me when I'm leaning sideways. It looks a lot like it did when I was standing upright! Ha. Also, note my non-fisted hands. So not a fist!

What's out the window?

And here's a closeup of the pleats that I sewed into darts because I can't read instructions and hate ripping out stitches. I like them as darts. Also, the blue marks are from my cute little sewing marking pencil dealy. It washes right out.

The V neck on this one was ridiculously difficult. I got so frustrated that I almost settled for a kind of flat bottomed U neck. But TC assured me that I could do it, that I could find a way, so I ripped out some stitches, sewed it up again, then ripped out more seams, clipped here, trimmed there and voila! V neck. I'm just grateful I got through that one.

In other, more recent sewing news, I finished the pink ruffle top. It just needs a good wash (to take off all the blue pencil marks) and then I can wear it. Next up are the pleated neck dress in a fuzzy red knit,

an Oscar de la Renta suit (Vogue 2950),

(The skirt will be in a black twill and the jacket will be in a fuchsia medium weight twill with a bit of a sheen.)

and more ruffles (Simplicity 2497) in a navy blue taffeta that turned out to be kind of more plastic feeling than I wanted, so... we'll see how that turns out. Anywho, I'll be making the main view, but with the small sleeves in view A, and a little longer than knee length.


  1. I cannot believe how talented you are. I keep thinking I need to pick up a talent like sewing, crocheting, darning, anything to do with fabrics and what not before the talent dies or before I do.
    Anyhow, so glad you posted pics. It's really awesome to see the final outcome. I really envy you and your ability to do all these projects. xo

  2. You know you are amazing, right? The clothing pieces look fabulous and YOU look fabulous.

  3. Love love love it!! That skirt - to die for!

  4. My mom has been telling me for years to stay away from Vogue patterns because they're so difficult. Not necessarily difficult sewing, just the patterns are difficult to understand. So, I'm impressed that you can do them. And make them look awesome.

  5. Thank you all for your positivity. YOU all are fabulous.

    Jenni, my mom has the same opinion of Vogue patterns, and is surprised that I actually buy them. But I've never had a problem with the instructions. They are clear, and I've even learned quite a few new techniques from them (like french seams, which I hadn't know much about before one of my last Vogue projects).

  6. Look at you go, girl!

    You know the photo of you leaning to the side? It's really cute.


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