Friday, February 12, 2010

Day off

Today I'm taking the day off, of work that is. I have fantastic plans to spend the morning cleaning and the afternoon I will spend with TC in the car. The evening I will spend with TC and our good friends.

Thank you for all your input on the pepto pink sleeves. I'm not sure when I'll be in the mood to rip those out and try again, so it may be awhile (or is it a while?) before I follow up on that. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike ripping out seams? I think I might have. Maybe once or twice.

Happy valentine's day. I'm sending my love through the internets to each one of you.


  1. Ha. I totally spent the morning cleaning, too! Then my husband came home and left his stuff everywhere. Grrrrrr!

  2. Happy V-day to you, too! Kudos to your for taking a day off to clean!


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