Friday, February 26, 2010

The wool jacket thingy

So I wore the wool jacket thingy to work earlier this week. Since I was tired of being so cold all the time, I decided to wear it as a suit jacket, like as in something I didn't take off all day, as in part of the outfit. And several times throughout the day people came up to me to ask, "Are you cold?" After about the third time I was asked I wanted to reply, "Well not with this jacket on." *sigh* People are so nice to worry about my well-being. But I felt the teensiest bit dumb for looking like I was wearing my outside coat indoors. Meh. Whatever.

Have a great weekend my friends!


  1. take a pic! i want to see this wool jacket thingy. if it makes you feel better people ask me if i'm cold all the time. I keep a blanket with me at work. the A/C is out of control. heck yes i'm cold! turn the freaking A/C down!

  2. I have the opposite problem—I am hot, even when it's freezing. I'm sure the wool jacket thingy looked totally chic.

    Thanks for the treat and the darling Gordita card. I've felt beautiful all day!


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