Friday, February 19, 2010

Under pressure

Sinus pressure, that is. TC assured me that sinus pressure cannot break my cheek bones or dislocate my teeth, so I'm feeling a bit relieved (emotionally).

I finished the red pleated neck Vogue 8593 dress. It's fuzzy. And fitted. I'll take pictures when I lose a few pounds or something.

My impatience definitely interferes with my ability to really do a stand-up job on sewing projects. If I were more patient, I would sew up a muslin first, perfect the fitting, then sew up the item in the real fabric. But muslins just seem time consuming. And fabric consuming. So for now I cut things out of the real fabric, cross my fingers and hope for the best. Of course, I'm careful to choose the correct size and all. But sometimes that can be a bit difficult. Like in the case of the red pleated neck dress, I wanted it to be fitted, because that is the style, but I didn't want it to be TOO fitted. So the question was this: do I cut it out of my regular size (which is a 12 in patterns, vanity sizing has not taken over the pattern world) and hope that the dress will be fitted, but not obscene, OR do I cut it out a size bigger and scale it down where needed? Looking at the finished garment measurements on the pattern pieces, I determined that my body is not proportioned with the proportions of the pattern (My waist puts me at a size 16 while my hips and bust put me at a size 14, but if I actually make anything in a size 14 I swim in it. From what I've read this "disproportion" is common among women.) so I made my best guess, which was to cut it in a size 12, a size that normally works for me, cross my fingers and hope for the best.

The dress isn't obscene, just fitted. But I do feel like I need some Spanx or something underneath in order to successfully wear it. Like if I have a big meal, or drink too much water or slouch I'll have a pudge. I typically like a little more wiggle room in dresses, you know?

But now that I'm back to my normal routine, and not taking any more sick days, I'll get off my saltines and Sprite diet and start eating a bit better.

One other thing for this morning, I'm wearing the houndstooth skirt again. I tacked down the lining and am wearing a slip, and that seems to be doing the trick to keep the lining from clinging to my legs. No wire hangers needed. YAY!

Have a great Friday!


  1. Maybe you already do this, but my mom's trick is to pin the pattern together and try the pattern on. It's not exact and it's only one side of the item, but it can give you a good idea. Of course, that doesn't really address how to figure out what size to cut out in the first place. I find pattern sizing maddening.

  2. Nice dress. Jeff uses a neti pot when he has sinus issues so I've seen him do it a ton of times, but I am way too chicken to try it. It definitely would have helped me a ton though. But my worst fear is drowning, so irrigating my sinuses is too close to that, even though I know it's totally fine. Wuss, eh?

  3. I completely feel for ya'! We should start a support group or something.


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