Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More ruffles.

Last week I cut out Simplicity 2497 in my plastic feeling navy blue taffeta. I started sewing it last night, and the good news about sewing plastic is that it is really easy to manipulate and shape. I'm just not sure how wearable it will be. Oh well. At least the fabric was super discounted. And if it's not wearable, I'll call it a muslin and start over with a different fabric. I'll let you know how it goes.

The last item on the docket for February is the Oscar de la Renta suit (Vogue 2950) which I plan to cut out some time this week. I doubt I'll get into the jacket this month, but I would like to complete the skirt for sure-izzle.

I hope my arm doesn't cramp while I reach back to pat myself on the back, but I wanted to say that February has been a break-through month for me. I've set sewing goals and ACTUALLY accomplished them. I set out to sew a few items, and I've done that and I have even finished other projects (like the wool coat, and a night gown that is not very exciting so I'm not going to bother posting it here) that I hadn't planned on finishing. So on that hand, I'm really pleased.

On the other hand, I also set some exercise and weight loss goals, and I have not met them. I have exercised more in the last month than I had in all the time since November, but I didn't meet my ambitious goal of six times a week, or even my back-up goal of five times a week. And I lost one pound (it took me two weeks) only to gain it back in one week. *sigh* Losing weight was so much easier the first time around, back in 2003, when I was a wee lass.

Have a great Tuesday.

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