Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pepto Pink

Here's the pink shirt in all its glory.

Let's start with the positive:

1. I love LOVE the ruffle collar.
2. The wrapness is slimming.
3. It fits.

The negatives:
1. I hate the sleeves. I mean despise them. I thought I could learn to love them, but I can't. I keep trying to convince myself that they go with the ruffle, but with the color and the ruffles on the neckline, the sleeves just feel like too much.
2. The color is a perfect pepto pink. But that I can live with.

So I just may rip the sleeves out and see if I can make them less clownish. We all know how much I hate ripping seams out, so if that's any indication of how much I hate the sleeves... What do you think? Any suggestions for the sleeves? Cap? 3/4 length? I don't have more fabric, so I have to shorten and narrow them if anything. I'm open to ideas.

I made this from McCalls 5323, view B.


  1. I think that 3/4 length sleeves are generally flattering on anyone, and all-season appropriate.

  2. I agree with Shannon about the 3/4 length sleeve and agree with you that the current sleeves might be too much. I do, however, love the ruffled neckline. And still so, so amazed with your mad sewing skills.

  3. I agree that the sleeves are too much. The shirt has plenty of flair without them. I think just above the elbow with a single-button cuff would be perfect.


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